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A Role In Government

Mega crook Najb is reported as saying that he has discussed with Ismail Sabri “a role in government” Why not? He would be quite at one with a lot of other crooks and has publicly proved his crimiinal qualifications fitting him for such a role?  The only odd thing about it all is why the […]

None So Blind

As those who do not wish to see. Are PN really stupid enough to think that by praising China in connection with the Aussie purchase of modern submarines they will alter by one day the date on which Beijing thinks the time has come to take over Malaysia in order to have better access to


Reports show mega thief Najib and one of his sons asking the Federal Court to annul a tax demand from them of almost 1.8 BILLION ringgit in tax arrears! How does a Prime Minister, let alone his son, have an income that piles up such huge unpaid arrears of tax? One assumes that in Najib’s

Waste Of Experience

Is how PN’s Nazri Aziz explained the decision of his boss to make use of mega crook Najib. Experience in what? Confidence trickery? Mega theft? Or what else. That is what Najib has to offer and it is likely to be accepted. One crook to another. That experience is not just for now, however. When

Did He Indeed?

Reports, so far un-contradicted, claims that PN  boss Sabri was “told by the Agong that he did not need to face a vote of confidence in the Assembly” Press reports quoting a law minister can sometimes be inaccurate but this one is of such constitutional importance that the Agong needs to confirm or deny it.


“There is a glaring emission from the Order Paper for the upcoming Parliament sitting — debating the extension of Sarawak’s Emergency. YB Fahmi Fadzil released the Order Paper today on Twitter and confirmed there is no mention of Sarawak’s Emergency, despite the Agong’s condition that the Emergency be extended only if the matter be voted

Thief Gets Loot Back

Even in Malaysia it might come as a surprise that mega thief Najib has recovered the loot found in his house when searched by the Police. Safe from years in jail by the refusal of the Court of Appeal to hear his case the mega thief continues to orate in public all his stupid and

Would You Lend Money To A Set Of Crooks?

‘Announcements’ of new investments in Malaysia by foreign entities should be taken with a big inch of salt. Such talk costs nothing and may deceive some Malaysian voters Which is what it is intended to do. Ordinary members of the public are not lining up to give money to PN crooks so who will believe

The ‘Unity’ Cure

In a”message” reportedly emanating from the Agong Malaysians were informed that “unity among races” was the key to overcoming Covid. Doctors, and indeed ordinary Malaysians, had been thought to believe that vaccination was that “key” But apparently not. Just one or two doses of “unity” should do the trick. So get together as closely as

Fully Vaccinated?

Press reports indicate that over 5500 “fully vaccinated” persons have contracted Covid 19. How is that possible? The only believable answer is that they had been “vaccinated” with dud vaccine obtained, possibly corruptly, from unauthorised sources peddling useless remedies. That puts the heath authorities concerned under the obligation to reveal the source of the “vaccines”

The Najib Solution

Unsurprisingly convicted criminal Najib Razak, free by virtue of the inability of the Appeal Court to find time to hear his appeal against conviction and long prison sentence, is not in favour of banning “frogs” in the Assembly. How else, after all, can a minority politician like Sabri put together a government? Almost unbelievably Najib

Vandals At Work

Press reports show that the Kuala Langat North Forest reserve, which has been protected since 1927, will be destroyed by greedy businessmen aided and abetted by local politicians. Although this, when compared to the rape of Borneo forests, is small scale it demonstrates that nothing will stop the theft of natural resources and destruction of

Pesticides For Frogs

Current BN personality and MLA, Azalina has gone public with proposals to cut the legs off party hopping political frogs. That will earn her no bonus points, or anything else, from BN, the home of party hoppers and in office solely due to that disgusting practice. Certainly some sort of pesticide is needed to get

Fully Vaccinated And Intensive Care

According to the DG of health care. Who, presumably, is in a position to provide accurate information on the matter. So how come? What exactly does “fully vaccinated” mean? Two doses, competently administered? So, once again, how come? There appear to be a limited number of explanations. Incompetent jab administration? Wrong serum? Inability to keep

Double Act!

Press reports state that new “Prime Minister” Sabri “will keep the Finance minister post for himself! Cynics, and many others, will wonder why. He is seen as barely capable of managing one Ministry but intends to hold on to the two most important. No one else in PN who can be trusted with finance? How

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